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Steve Jobs = Higher Commissions

  • Posted by Vince Villegas
  • January 18, 2012 10:03:19 PM MST
It is about pursuing your success with absolute drive and focus, and without ever caring what others say about you or what you are doing to get there. Let's take one example with Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs knew some pretty important things about YOUR real estate business. 

I know what you're thinking. "I didn't even know Steve Jobs!" or "What does Steve Jobs know about being a REALTOR?!" Right?  Well he might know your business a lot better than you think. 

With the recent passing of Steve Jobs, most of the tributes focus on his incredible accomplishments and the awesome legacy he leaves.  He was not only the co-founder of Apple, but someone whose work and creations influenced how almost every person on the planet uses a computer, phone or generally communicates with each other.  Quite an incredible footprint to leave behind. 


What many forget in looking at his accomplishments, though, are some of the significant hurdles he overcame to achieve them …and something he practiced in his business that is often the difference between success and failure.  


Along the way, Steve Jobs was not just fired -- but fired by the very company he co-founded, Apple.  This is not an article about dealing with rejection though.


It is about pursuing your success with absolute drive and focus, and without ever caring what others say about you or what you are doing to get there.  Let's take one example with Steve Jobs.  When he bought the animation studio Pixar and started the NeXT company, there were no shortage of folks criticizing him and predicting doom and gloom. 


In one Forbes article, it was said that Steve Jobs "has made fundamentally wrong decisions…" and that " …[T]here are very few miracle workers in the business world, and it is now clear that Steve Jobs is not one of them… "




Had Steve Jobs listened to all of these people, he would never have gone on to do the ground-breaking (and HUGELY lucrative) work he was so lauded for after his passing.  


Think Steve Jobs is an exception?  Think again... 


He is actually more the rule.


Let's look at a a couple other other ever-so-slightly historically impactful examples. 


When Bell telephone was new, it attempted to sell its rights to Western Union for $100,000.  Western Union not only rejected the offer, but dismissed the telephone stating, "What use could this company make of an electrical toy?"


Then there is a little band called The Beatles.  When Decca Records declined to offer them a recording contract, it was for the reason that "We don't like their sound. Groups of guitars are on their way out."  Columbia Records also passed on The Beatles as well, not seeing anything unique about their guitar playing or harmonies.  


The lesson here is not about persevering in the face of rejection (which of course you need to do), but to be careful to not allow the opinion of others -- even so-called 'experts' or 'leaders' in your industry -- to dissuade you from thinking outside the norm and doing things the average agent in your market isn’t willing to do.  


If Steve Jobs had not done this, who knows if you would be reading this article on that iPad or iPhone you're reading it on right now! 


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Vince Villegas is an Associate Broker with Keller Williams Realty, he has been licensed since 2002.  After 6 straight years of doing business the “old fashioned way” and killing himself working 90+ hours a week, Villegas finally hit the wall in 2008 and went from selling 56 homes in 2007 to just 8 by October 2008. It was than he faced the scariest decision in his life …either get out of the business or find a better way.   He of course chose to find a better way, it was then he began his journey to understand the principles of long term business success.  In 2010, after uncovering the secrets of a successful business, Villegas finished #49 in Sales for Coldwell Banker North America and climbed to #27 in Sales by May 2011 (Villegas joined Keller Williams in August 2011) all while working an average 5 hours per week.   Agents across North America have been taking note of his success and began seeking his knowledge, today we at CrakerJackAgent are honored to have him sharing his advice and knowledge with our readers.  Villegas has offered a complementary high-content training webinar, where he’ll reveal his most sought after secret -- upfront client retainer fees.