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How You Can Dominate on Google

  • Posted by DAVID PYLYP
  • March 17, 2012 4:25:03 PM MDT
By creating your brand and working to develop original content you can rank your websites or blogs within the first 3 pages of SERPs to be noticed. Your USP must be LOUD and alive! Embrace Video.

Sure it is possible;  You need to make a plan, decide what you want then work on it.

First decide on the phraseology that you want to dominate.

Mine is Homes west Toronto,   If you google that phrase I have a strong presence, but there are others in my long tail keyword concepts.

You need to develop 6 different concepts to make it work.

1) You need multiple blogging platforms that contain your unique works and you can add local comments on local news items, your rebuttal and commentary

2) Website with local content the describes you and your unique selling proposition, the services you provide, the market you serve and the neighbourhoods / community you represent - Tag and use photo's every where possible with your Keywords in the photo description.

3) Video pod content (please no more talking driving heads that are too busy to sit down and plan a video) about your neighbourhood or community. Use the Video in the Blog as content, embedd the video and publish.

4)Social Media on Facebook Linked In and Twitter; (there are many others) Use these pages and communities to help push people to your pages  ( LESS THAN 10% of your Posts should be real estate related) You are in social media to create relationships and engage  NOT announce your open house.

5) The magic is in the mundane; You need to find every free directory where you can post your website and blog starting with Google's Add you URL, Get analytics and start posting,  Provide back links ot every site that will take one of yours,  Create a back link directory,  Tomorrow's PR5 started as a PR0

6) Create free advertising online -  every website that will take an add from you. About every house for sale, every service you provide.

All of these take time;  some are creative, like video, some are dry and boring, C&P'g to different websites.  But they all count if they contain the same keywork strategy.

My sites currently rank in the top page for Homes west Toronto out of 90 + Million URL's      I* am not selling anything.   Go learn it.   Do It.  If you do not know how you will need to hire someone.   Get a kid playing at home on his/her computer and explain what you want.  They get it.


Newest tools are the TWYLAH.com hashtags    Have a look at http://Twylah.com/DavidPylyp

Have you seen the about.me pages for profiles!  What a great FREE tool http://About.me/DavidPylyp

My favorite is the youtube Search on Video http://youtu.be/jPSXCWUP2sU   UMM Free.

Good Luck and Have Fun!   Meeting people and helping them is your profession (real estate), websites blogs and video's are merely tools to help you connect.   Do not become the Social Media Maven who does nothing but play on Social Media sites.   Learn how to do it.  Having someone do it for you does not reflect your humour or personality.

Remember one  simple rule - If they argue Naysay DENY and complain they are reading your material;  If you are writing and no one is following; You are just out for a walk.

David Pylyp

Accredited Senior Agent Toronto 

If you have clients coming to Toronto Etobicoke or Oakville   Lets Share.

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  • Susan Phelps
    Susan Phelps What would you be disagreeing with Mike? I have seen the same advice from others.
    April 12, 2012
  • Susan Phelps
    Susan Phelps I do have a question about the "unique content." Does that mean that you should not post the same blog on more than one site?
    April 12, 2012
    DAVID PYLYP I define unique content as; Whats happening with the local soccer Mom's and their kids, Profile a business, Do a community Profile about a local issue, bring something unique about living in your neighbourhood instead of the dry how many listed how many ...  more
    April 13, 2012
  • Mike Parker
    Mike Parker Susan, here's a really professional place to get free SEO advice: http://searchengineland.com/?utm_source=sel&utm_medium=scap&utm_campaign=email
    April 13, 2012