Business Management Articles

  • Delegation: Your Secret Weapon!

    Overwhelmed? We've often talked about the importance of editing things out of our life, but there's another way to reign in your time - delegation. Read on and learn why you should consider giving someone else a chance to share that burden.
  • Rethinking Vacation Coverage

    Here at The Lones Group we are firm believers in having quality of life. Yet, for many agents, the idea of taking real time off is an on-going struggle. This summer we want you to rethink the value of having other agents covering your business for you wh...  more
  • Getting the Right People on Your Bus: An Essential Element of Success

    A business is not an island unto itself. Each of us has our support network that helps us do what we do and having the right people in your network - on your team - can make all the difference.
  • Systems to Organize Your Business Paperwork

    All too often we see agents with hopeless piles of files, putting their business at risk of missing an opportunity or even negligence. Here's a simple paper management system specifically tailored for real estate professionals.
  • 5 Ways to Make Your Workplace Fun

    Joyful workplaces are buzzing with people bursting with energy, vitality and enthusiasm! They love what they do and feel they are important at work – and do important work! Here are five ways to make your workplace a fun place to be!
  • Tax Time and Paper Management

    If you're like most agents you have a lot of paper to manage - which tends to lead to agents neglecting the management of their personal paperwork. If you're one of those agents who stresses out at tax time, we have some great tips for you that won't take...  more
  • A Manager by Any Other Name, Just Not Babysitter

    Managing a real estate office is no easy thing, and unless you have a "specialist" that knows its nuances as your ally, you should evaluate the potential losses you haven't evaluated because of it.
  • Successful Leaders Do These 3 Things

    Being a leader means working with humans (in the most part!), and humans operate on the fuel of feelings. A leader with a high EQ (emotional intelligence), will foster a workplace where people can feel good about themselves and therefore be more engaged w...  more
  • It's Not to Late to Put New Resolutions in Place - Here are Ten that Can Make Your Year

    Time has a tendency to slip by when we aren't paying attention. Never is that more true than the first few months of the new year. We have 10 tips you can still enact to help you make this year's business resolutions really happen. Read on!
  • Your 2014 Resolutions: One Small Adjustment Can Bring Big Success!

    The Hour of Power is the most important hour of every day. It's when you get to manage your personal and business life - all from one central station where all those extra papers, files and things get prioritized and dealt with. Follow-along with me and l...  more