Motivation and Inspiration Articles

  • Results vs. Action

    Results vary, but one thing that should not is the action that you take. When life hands you disappointment, that's the most important time to remain action-strong. Read on for lessons learned and tips.
  • Mastery: The Key To Success in Anything!

    Through-out the three phases of every real estate business there are topics where an agents' mastery is what really sets apart a great, successful agent from an average one.
  • The Power of Showing Up

    In many things in life, including business, to be successful you have to show up. In real estate, there's more to do than just show up, there's how you spend your time while your at it. Read on for tips on how you can make the most of your business time.
  • Don’t Let This One Challenge Ruin Your Plans

    January is gone, it's time for a reality check on your 2014 business goals. Do you have the rules you need in your business to make it happen?
  • Time to Wind Down or Time to Wind Up?

    Have a holiday rest-and-relaxation itch to scratch? Already thinking about closing your business books for what's left of the year? Do take time off, but don't let business opportunities unique to this time of year escape you. Read on!
  • Getting More

    There is one way to getting more of what you want. 
    To get a little more, you have to give more.  I don't mean tipping, glad-handing or bribery.  It really does not need to involve money at all.  It's really more about you.  ...
  • The Peanut Principle

    Discover what you can accomplish when you choose to succeed rather than accept what other people think you can do. This is where motivation meets effort.
  • Keeping Morale Up in a Frenzied Multiple Offer Market

    When a buyer fails to win the home they made an offer upon it is, without a doubt, a disappointing experience? In a busy market like today's, it can be especially frustrating, but there's no time for moping about. Tips for you to help keep things going an...  more
  • The Gift of the AHA! Moment

    Earlier, I promised I'd share with you one of the most important turning points in my career as a real estate agent. So here it is, one of my "Aha!" moments that helped make me the person I am today. Enjoy!
  • The Busy, The Broke and The Early Bird That Gets The Worm

    Two trends that pioneer real estate agents (if you are reading this article, you obviously already are, or you are working to be in that category) are starting to embrace today are online real estate auctions for all types of properties including REOs and...  more