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  • Placement Using Feng Shui Can Help a Buyer be at Ease

    As a former Realtor of over 19 years, I was always intrigued by how a potential buyer came to their conclusion when looking at a particular home.  The psychology of making a purchase is fascinating.
    It was an easy "leap" for me to eventually own ...
  • What Other Realtors Have Challenges With

    On our call last week we covered more questions, more objections, and more challenges.. wanted to continue sharing with you:
    Objections we discussed this week:
    We want to list it high to leave room to negotiate:
    That makes sense and I can understand...
  • To Have A Team, Or Not?

    One of my individual coaching clients asked me to tell her the pros and cons of having a team.  I told her I would give it some thought and get back with her, I just wrote this to her and thought it may benefit some of you on some level at some po...
  • Need to Be Able to Say "NO" to Bad Business

    I have the privilege of coaching some great agents.  They have enough business so that they can effortlessly say “no” to business that they believe has a small chance of closing. 
    You are in a contingency business.  Your inc...
  • Why Are Real Estate Practitioners Paid On Commission?

    It discussed how the commissions (the fee real estate practitioners "earn" for selling a house), came into being and what the future will bring.
  • It's What They Said Their Biggest Challenge Is

    Discipline to do what it takes every single day to get where they want to go is what they said.
  • What Do Other Realtors Do?

    So I was on a coaching call yesterday and asked my Realtor what their biggest fear was around taking more listings.  She said talking to them about price and what she offers vs what other Realtors are able to offer.
    I said okay lets list all the ...
  • Starting at 0

    So this month we all started at 0 and have the choice to make this year whatever we want.  As I am working on calling and mailing to the endless expired listings that came up in my market today I get an email from one of my coaching clients; ...
  • Are You Ready For The Year To End?

    If you are already thinking the year is over, STOP! We still plenty of business days and business hours to tie up lose ends and add to our total production for the year.
    I myself have sold 4 houses in the last week and have 3 listing appointments next...
  • Listings, Are You Focused On Taking Them?

    What we do in the next 30-45 days will determine how the first quarter of next year looks for us so let's do what it takes to finish strong and start powerfully.
    Decide now how many days you will actually work between now and Dec 31st and by work I me...