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  • The Big Mistake Agents Make When the Weather Gets Warmer

    One of the BIGGEST MISTAKES agents make as the weather gets a little warmer, and summer sets in, is to take a vacation from their real estate business.
    I DON'T mean a hard-earned and planned summer vacation -- all of you should DEFINITELY take one or ...
  • Don't Assume You Know Who Your Prospect Is

    If we really look into this mistake, it becomes clear why agents miss out on so much business.
  • Why not Be Unique, Authentic and MEMORABLE!

    What does it mean to have a brand - and a memorable one at that? I'd like to share with you want a difference it has made to me as an agent and what an impact it has made in the lives of other professionals.
  • My Company's Brand or My Brand, Which Should I Use?

    There's a formula to staying top-of-mind among your prospects and marketers world-wide have long capitalized on it to great success - so why aren't you doing the same?
  • 2014 Business Planning: Providing Stellar Service to Past Clients

    This week we're taking a closer look at two great ways to increase your existing client and referral business - the Annual Client Review and Client Appreciation Events. Wow your clients with some incredible follow-up this year and kick-off your 2014 busin...  more
  • 2014 Business Planning: Easy-to-Follow Referral Generating System

    Need an easy marketing program for 2014 with some substance? Look no further. Here's one we've industry tested for years, so we know it works. Read on for why it's worth your time an investment.
  • 2014 Business Planning: Increasing Your Referral Base

    December is here. Time to reflect on the business you've done this year and ask yourself a question - what can I do to turn the business I did into new business? Your database is your goldmine, read on and I'll tell you why.
  • Advancing Your Brand Through Diversity

    In a market place where diversity is commonplace, catering to niches is not only necessary, it is a smart, and profitable strategy.
  • How To Surface High On Search Engines In A Crowded Web

    When you find ways to leverage your video footage in more ways than one, the returns grow exponentially, and your chances of being found near the top of search results grow along with it.
  • How To Snag Listings Like Nobody‚Äôs Business With Video

    In a people business such as real estate auction and sales, this makes video based marketing and communication an absolute must, rather than a luxury. Property buyers are recognizing video marketing as a major differentiator and are moving to favour agent...  more