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  • Inventory Shortages - The Next Bubble?

    Is a housing shortage leading to the next inflated market or are the price increases caused by it really just the market continuing to find its new normal? We have some great facts to help alleviate housing bubble fears, so read on!
  • Net Net……Were You a Winner or a Loser??

    A lot has been said about Quantitative Easing (QE). In its varying renditions, with critical decisions made around a D.C. conference table, at the push of a button over $4 trillion staggering dollars have appeared out of thin air and been pumped into o...
  • The Changing Face of Real Estate: Lifestyle Housing

    Today we are seeing an increasing number of people who are not moving because they need to, but because their preferred lifestyle is what leading them to it. Here's the scoop on what that means for the real estate agent and how you can help your clients t...  more
  • What Other Realtors Have Challenges With

    On our call last week we covered more questions, more objections, and more challenges.. wanted to continue sharing with you:
    Objections we discussed this week:
    We want to list it high to leave room to negotiate:
    That makes sense and I can understand...
  • The Changing Face of Real Estate: Generational Housing

    An introduction to the evolving housing needs of today's four home buying generations. From Silent to Gen-Y, each of these generations has its own distinctive approach to housing that real estate agents should be aware of.
  • A Manager by Any Other Name, Just Not Babysitter

    Managing a real estate office is no easy thing, and unless you have a "specialist" that knows its nuances as your ally, you should evaluate the potential losses you haven't evaluated because of it.
  • The Changing Face of Real Estate: Micro Housing

    Urban markets are changing and what once raised an eyebrow - micro housing - is becoming an accepted trend. Read on to learn more about this trend and things to watch out for as it develops.
  • To Have A Team, Or Not?

    One of my individual coaching clients asked me to tell her the pros and cons of having a team.  I told her I would give it some thought and get back with her, I just wrote this to her and thought it may benefit some of you on some level at some po...
  • Fannie or a Fund--Who is Your Lender?

    The handwriting is definitely on the wall. The market has said it. The pundits have said it, and Congress keeps saying it. Although Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac hold the lion’s share of mortgage paper (both residential and commercial), going forwar...
  • Successful Leaders Do These 3 Things

    Being a leader means working with humans (in the most part!), and humans operate on the fuel of feelings. A leader with a high EQ (emotional intelligence), will foster a workplace where people can feel good about themselves and therefore be more engaged w...  more