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  • Starting at 0

    So this month we all started at 0 and have the choice to make this year whatever we want.  As I am working on calling and mailing to the endless expired listings that came up in my market today I get an email from one of my coaching clients; ...
  • Why is Everyone Yelling about Yellen?

    Why is Everyone Yelling about Yellen?
    The choice has been made. Over much speculation, discussion and political wrangling, President Obama made it official. Dr. Janet Yellen has been selected to become the first female head of the Federal Reserve Bank...
  • 2014 Business Planning: Providing Stellar Service to Past Clients

    This week we're taking a closer look at two great ways to increase your existing client and referral business - the Annual Client Review and Client Appreciation Events. Wow your clients with some incredible follow-up this year and kick-off your 2014 busin...  more
  • A Wall in the World of Appraisals

    The Great Wall of China and the Berlin Wall are two of the world’s most unforgettable monuments. The funny thing is that they weren’t originally constructed to be photo ops. Qin Shi Huang first commissioned the construction of the Great Wal...
  • 2014 Business Planning: Easy-to-Follow Referral Generating System

    Need an easy marketing program for 2014 with some substance? Look no further. Here's one we've industry tested for years, so we know it works. Read on for why it's worth your time an investment.
  • 2014 Business Planning: Increasing Your Referral Base

    December is here. Time to reflect on the business you've done this year and ask yourself a question - what can I do to turn the business I did into new business? Your database is your goldmine, read on and I'll tell you why.
  • Are You Ready For The Year To End?

    If you are already thinking the year is over, STOP! We still plenty of business days and business hours to tie up lose ends and add to our total production for the year.
    I myself have sold 4 houses in the last week and have 3 listing appointments next...
  • Listings, Are You Focused On Taking Them?

    What we do in the next 30-45 days will determine how the first quarter of next year looks for us so let's do what it takes to finish strong and start powerfully.
    Decide now how many days you will actually work between now and Dec 31st and by work I me...
  • 1031 Exchanges Offer Full Deferral of the New 3.8 percent Medicare Surtax and 20 percent Capital Gain Tax

    A review of the capital gain tax and others taxes facing investors who sell investment property.
  • Time to Wind Down or Time to Wind Up?

    Have a holiday rest-and-relaxation itch to scratch? Already thinking about closing your business books for what's left of the year? Do take time off, but don't let business opportunities unique to this time of year escape you. Read on!