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  • Real Estate Portfolio Compression - What is It?

    Real estate investors who build wealth using the traditional long term “buy and hold approach” often overlook one of the most profitable and passive strategies of real estate – timing.
    Strategically building a real estate portfolio b...
  • My Client is Not a Criminal

    Stupefied is the word that I would use to describe the dismay that arises when a top notch client of impeccable financial credentials, superior credit history, and long- term streams of bonafide income is shown the laundry list of closing requirements ...
  • Getting More

    There is one way to getting more of what you want. 
    To get a little more, you have to give more.  I don't mean tipping, glad-handing or bribery.  It really does not need to involve money at all.  It's really more about you.  ...
  • Advancing Your Brand Through Diversity

    In a market place where diversity is commonplace, catering to niches is not only necessary, it is a smart, and profitable strategy.
  • The Teeter-Totter Approach to Selling

    Most people lean either towards relationship skills or closing skills. Although it's a balancing act, it's possible to do both well, if you work at it. Where do you excel?
  • The Peanut Principle

    Discover what you can accomplish when you choose to succeed rather than accept what other people think you can do. This is where motivation meets effort.
  • Managing the Headaches of Detailed Legal Contracts and Complex Transactions

    Want to help prevent accidental and serious issues from impacting the success of your transactions? Here's 8 tips to help you keep your i's dotted, t's crossed, and reduce those potential headaches caused by complex real estate transactions.
  • The Secret to Getting More Referrals

    Some say, "If you want a referral, you've got to ask for it." Is that really so? I offer you another way. Read on for my secret to getting more referrals.
  • Government Shutdown: Another Stall for the Real Estate Industry

    Seven ways the government shutdown has affected the real estate industry, your buyers and sellers.
  • The Shutdown and its effect on Real Estate Capital Markets

    The newspapers and cable news networks are ablaze about the political impasse in Washington, DC.  The headlines “Government Shuts Down,” “House of Turds,” “First Shutdown Since 1995,” “Washington’s G...