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  • Hot Deal Or Hot Property – What Drives Your Buying Decision?

    Some investment gurus suggest the older home on the newer street is the better bet. But can you emotionally deal with that and put your dream home aspirations on hold?
  • A Horse Race of Two to Fill Dr. Ben’s Shoes

    There’s been broad speculation that Dr. Ben Bernanke will not extend his contract as chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank when his current term ends on January 31, 2014. President Obama was frank with Charlie Rose on PBS when he stated “[Be...
  • Top Ten Home Home Renovations And Features Desired By Buyers

    If you plan to sell your home, an online auction will likely generate a bidding competition and fetch a price higher than you or your REALTOR anticipated.
    However, there are also features and upgrades that buyers value and are willing to pay extra to get.
  • Keeping Morale Up in a Frenzied Multiple Offer Market

    When a buyer fails to win the home they made an offer upon it is, without a doubt, a disappointing experience? In a busy market like today's, it can be especially frustrating, but there's no time for moping about. Tips for you to help keep things going an...  more
  • The Gift of a Wrench

    From day to day, I'm in touch with a lot of agents and managers. From where I am, it seems like there have been a lot of wrenches being thrown into people's plans lately. Are you prepared? Here's a baker's dozen of tips to help you be ready for the day wh...  more
  • The Man Whose Words Can Rock the World

    I’ve become a fan of speeches and conversations. Grammar, diction, pronunciation, emphasis, and most poignantly, the choice of words that an individual may use can bring out the best and worst in the recipients of the message. This applies in rel...
  • In Times Like These, Ben Bernanke Walks Alone

    I don’t know who the true owner of the statement “you should never let a crisis go to waste,” but it’s been one that’s used by many people in the media at large, and others in everyday life. Most of us had to adapt and c...
  • The Gift of the AHA! Moment

    Earlier, I promised I'd share with you one of the most important turning points in my career as a real estate agent. So here it is, one of my "Aha!" moments that helped make me the person I am today. Enjoy!
  • The Busy, The Broke and The Early Bird That Gets The Worm

    Two trends that pioneer real estate agents (if you are reading this article, you obviously already are, or you are working to be in that category) are starting to embrace today are online real estate auctions for all types of properties including REOs and...  more
  • Checking in with Your 2013 Goals

    July has come - perhaps by the time you read this it has already gone too! Have you taken the pulse of your business? Are you on track to keeping your business goals? It's time to step back and evaluate.