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  • The Other Agent: Ally or Adversary?

    Frustrated by the Agent on the other side? Here are some tips for how to keep perspective and your transaction on track.
  • The Fed Blinked

    The summer of 2013 was a maddening time. Many people started to feel more confident about their employment status. Those who had been out of work, now have jobs. The housing market has been roaring back with record sales and year-to-year price increase...
  • WHAT IF? Essential Words to Use With a Seller After an Inspection

    The inspection report is in. Armed with your What-If questions, it's time to review the report with your seller. Read on!
  • Why don't commercial rates move as quickly as residential rates?

    One of the most complex conversations that a commercial mortgage broker may ever have is one in which they explain why rates fell by half a point for residential mortgages, but didn’t budge or blink for commercial rates. A lot of the reasoning be...
  • WHAT IF? Essential Words to Use When Asking for a Price Reduction

    Many agents dread the price reduction conversation, but preparation of expectations and knowledge of the market can help turn this reality into more of an agent-seller team experience. Start with asking the right questions at the beginning of your agency.
  • Lets Make The Last Quarter The Best Quarter!

    Seriously, lets get back together and work to make this last quarter our very best quarter of this year.  And when we do that we will automatically set ourselves and our business up for a great first quarter of next year in the process.
    I have de...
  • WHAT IF? Essential Words to Use when Pre-Qualifying a Buyer

    Are you pre-qualifying your buyers before they get in your car? You should. Otherwise, you could be wasting everyone's time, including your own.
  • Can the Lines Blur on Hard Money and Conventional Loans?

    For the longest time, the words “hard money” carried a negative connotation. The fear of an automatic 12-percent, 10 points, and a two-year prepay sent shivers down the spines of many borrowers who were either hard on their luck or in need ...
  • As Wells Fargo Goes, the Mortgage Market Follows…

    On July 25, 2012, the 10-year Treasury note hit a 60-year low of 1.404%. At this time, everyone with income, credit and equity to purchase or refinance their properties moved swiftly to lock up unbelievably low rates. Mom and pop lending shops, regiona...
  • WHAT IF? Essential Words to Use When Working With Sellers

    While you're selling homes full time, for your sellers it's likely less than once every seven years. Consequently, sellers often bring unrealistic expectations to the selling effort. Your "what if" questions can be key to setting the stage for a successfu...  more