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  • Just Because You’re Not My Type--Don’t Change Yours

    People love to bootleg. What I mean by that is that there is always a temptation to pull money out of a building any way you can, via hook or crook. Unfortunately, there are consequences for this action, which revolves around the ability to get money w...
  • Is the Easy Money Party Over?

    After nearly three months of bumping along the bottom half of the three percent range, rates in the mortgage market jumped to life, and many people wanted to jump to their deaths. It’s been said that communication is a key part of any relationshi...
  • When Conflict Can’t Be Resolved

    You've called upon facts, you've engaged the other side's view, you've been honest and offered solutions. Yet, sometimes, this won't solve your conflict. Now what do you do? Read on!
  • What's The Deal?

    "A deal is a deal when everyone involved in the offer/acceptance comes to a mutual agreement."
  • Conflict Q & A

    Over the last four weeks I have shared with you the Conflict Formula for resolving conflict and navigating negotiations. We've received many questions from all over the web and USA and in this edition I'm going to share some of them with answers included....  more
  • How To Surface High On Search Engines In A Crowded Web

    When you find ways to leverage your video footage in more ways than one, the returns grow exponentially, and your chances of being found near the top of search results grow along with it.
  • How To Snag Listings Like Nobody’s Business With Video

    In a people business such as real estate auction and sales, this makes video based marketing and communication an absolute must, rather than a luxury. Property buyers are recognizing video marketing as a major differentiator and are moving to favour agent...  more
  • Getting Killed From Chasing Yield

    It’s been a non-starter to discuss the chances of getting a subprime mortgage. The pariah of the mortgage industry has been slayed and put to the grave for the havoc raised at the time of implosion, back in late 2007 and early 2008 when less than...
  • Telling the Truth and Offering Solutions

    The final part 3 of our series on conflict management and the art of negotiation. This time we're looking at the last part of the conflict formula - telling the truth and offering solutions. We've got a great example that every agent will run into during ...  more
  • Where is all of the Big Money going these days?

    The Dow just crept above 15,000 for the first time in history, so it’s obvious that stocks are back in vogue again with investors, but not all of them. It’s also true that investors are piling billions of dollars of capital into bond funds ...