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  • Agent Responsiveness Remains Lax – Edge For Six Percent

    While the figure indicated above may not be statistically valid, it should nonetheless worry brokers and raise some flags. Mainly because it is based on a real, recent experience a close business partner of mine had when attempting to purchase investme...
  • Leaders and Laggers - How Industry Pioneers are Using Online Real Estate Auctions to Distance Themselves

    Highly successful real estate professionals will tell you that one of their secrets is constantly seeking better, faster and cheaper ways to do things.
    When the Internet came about, the pioneers got onto email before everyone else. Eventually, the sam...
  • Unlock Your Unique Value Proposition

    But wait a minute. What is Value Proposition anyway?
    If you’re asking yourself this question, you’re not alone. In fact, you would be pleased to know that some ‘professional’ marketers often don’t know what it really mean...
  • Real Estate Marketing? Stake Your Claim

    Marketing is one of those subjects that are not only complex but unfortunately, and respectably so, hardly well understood.
    If all you do is re-program your business to address this single principle in marketing, you could set a new foundation for solid g...  more
  • The Power of Video Testimonials - Part 1

    Video testimonials can be one of your most powerful marketing tools. They can bite if not done correctly, and they can give your prospects a great sense of confidence in you when done right. Part 1 of this article series covers some basics but key things ...  more
  • The Cry of the Agent - Edina Realty Pulls Listings from

    Edina Realty announced that it will be pulling out its listings from as well. what are the considerations of such action in your business?
  • Representation - The Value of a REALTOR

    The argument for a contract