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  • Inventory Shortages - The Next Bubble?

    Is a housing shortage leading to the next inflated market or are the price increases caused by it really just the market continuing to find its new normal? We have some great facts to help alleviate housing bubble fears, so read on!
  • The Changing Face of Real Estate: Lifestyle Housing

    Today we are seeing an increasing number of people who are not moving because they need to, but because their preferred lifestyle is what leading them to it. Here's the scoop on what that means for the real estate agent and how you can help your clients t...  more
  • The Changing Face of Real Estate: Generational Housing

    An introduction to the evolving housing needs of today's four home buying generations. From Silent to Gen-Y, each of these generations has its own distinctive approach to housing that real estate agents should be aware of.
  • The Changing Face of Real Estate: Micro Housing

    Urban markets are changing and what once raised an eyebrow - micro housing - is becoming an accepted trend. Read on to learn more about this trend and things to watch out for as it develops.
  • WHAT IF? Essential Words to Use With a Seller After an Inspection

    The inspection report is in. Armed with your What-If questions, it's time to review the report with your seller. Read on!
  • WHAT IF? Essential Words to Use When Asking for a Price Reduction

    Many agents dread the price reduction conversation, but preparation of expectations and knowledge of the market can help turn this reality into more of an agent-seller team experience. Start with asking the right questions at the beginning of your agency.
  • WHAT IF? Essential Words to Use when Pre-Qualifying a Buyer

    Are you pre-qualifying your buyers before they get in your car? You should. Otherwise, you could be wasting everyone's time, including your own.
  • WHAT IF? Essential Words When Working With Buyers to Write an Offer

    Your client has decided they want to make an offer, but are they informed enough about what could happen next? It's time to ask, "What if?"
  • Documentation: A Critical Element in Real Estate Transactions

    When someone accuses you of not having fulfilled your end of a bargain, do you have the documentation to prove you did? For real estate agents, contracts and documentation of communication are absolutely critical. Read on for a story of how having the rig...  more
  • Hot Deal Or Hot Property – What Drives Your Buying Decision?

    Some investment gurus suggest the older home on the newer street is the better bet. But can you emotionally deal with that and put your dream home aspirations on hold?