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  • The Secret to Getting More Referrals

    Some say, "If you want a referral, you've got to ask for it." Is that really so? I offer you another way. Read on for my secret to getting more referrals.
  • WHAT IF? Essential Words to Use With a Seller After an Inspection

    The inspection report is in. Armed with your What-If questions, it's time to review the report with your seller. Read on!
  • Is It Time to Try the Distraction Diet?

    Like all diets, the distraction diet requires effort - but boy, will it ever yield rewards! Why not make today the day you start making good "work calorie" choices for long-term, sustainable results? Read on to see what I mean!
  • Five Ways to Transform Yourself in 2012

    At this time each year, many of us focus on setting goals for the year to come. This is a habit that I recommend highly, but only if you make sure that your goals are realistic. Don’t overwhelm yourself by aiming for drastic changes that will be ...