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  • Mastery: The Key To Success in Anything!

    Through-out the three phases of every real estate business there are topics where an agents' mastery is what really sets apart a great, successful agent from an average one.
  • Multiple Offer Madness: Prepping the Sellers

    Multiple offers are a growing trend in many parts of the country as inventory fails to keep up with demand. We'll be exploring the many pitfalls of representing a seller in a multiple-offer market and how you can best prepare your seller for this possibility.
  • The Power of Feedback

    If you're not getting regular feedback about your performance, you're missing the boat. We often overlook the value of a second opinion. As real estate agents, especially when it comes to presenting, receiving feedback can really help you communicate your...  more
  • 5 Simple Steps To A Great Autumn!

    Summer will soon be waning and while you may be preparing your home and family for autumn, is your business prepared? Don't let fall be your business dead time. Be proactive with these 5 steps to a great next business quarter!
  • 14 Tips For More Successful Broker Open Tours

    If your Broker's Open House aren't getting traction and attendence by other agents, take these 14 tips to heart and turn your next Broker's Open House into a traffic increasing sales winner.
  • Eight Tips to Building a "Belly-to-Belly" Business!

    Being belly-to-belly (or face-to-face) with your clients forces you to be good at things that are critical in building client connections. Are you developing real connections? Learn how!
  • What's REAL Communication?

    These ideas and techniques can be used both in business and in your personal communications. The most important thing in building successful and long lasting relationships is communication.