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  • The Property Purchase Analysis: A Smart Assessment Tool for Homebuyers

    Help your buyers become smart buyers. The Property Purchase Analysis is a great tool for showing buyers how the home they are seeking to buy has grown in value over the years and how that fits into current market activity.
  • Let Quality of Life Be Your Guide in 2013... and Beyond

    What's the most important reason that you work? As we look retrospectively at 2012 and plan for the coming year, I want you to consider the possibility that it should be for quality of life. Let me share a personal story with you about how I discovered th...  more
  • The Power of Feedback

    If you're not getting regular feedback about your performance, you're missing the boat. We often overlook the value of a second opinion. As real estate agents, especially when it comes to presenting, receiving feedback can really help you communicate your...  more
  • Successfully Converting Telephone Leads

    In part three of our lead generation series, Denise approaches the topic of capturing and converting telephone leads. Do you know how to keep the conversation moving and engage the caller or do your phone leads fall flat? How are you differentiating yours...  more
  • Successfully Converting In-Person Leads

    Client prospecting is more than online networking. Do you know what skills to cultivate for winning with potential clients that you meet in-person? Denise Lones shares five skills that successful agents have mastered for live client meetings.
  • Winning by the Numbers (Yours, and Your Competitors’)

    Real estate is one of the most competitive professions and to be successful you must know who your competitors are, what they are doing, and what sets you apart.
  • 5 Simple Steps To A Great Autumn!

    Summer will soon be waning and while you may be preparing your home and family for autumn, is your business prepared? Don't let fall be your business dead time. Be proactive with these 5 steps to a great next business quarter!
  • 14 Tips For More Successful Broker Open Tours

    If your Broker's Open House aren't getting traction and attendence by other agents, take these 14 tips to heart and turn your next Broker's Open House into a traffic increasing sales winner.
  • There's Always More To The Story

    It's more common than it ought to be - doom and gloom news articles foretelling market disasters or spreading biased views on local economies. What do you do when sensationalism is negatively driving consumer hysteria? Fight back with facts!
  • Good... Or Good For Nothing?

    Interest in home warranties seems to go in cycles... which seems so odd to me. I think that home warranties benefit both buyers and sellers, and I firmly believe they should be used in every real estate transaction. Read on and learn why you should add th...  more