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  • The Big Mistake Agents Make When the Weather Gets Warmer

    One of the BIGGEST MISTAKES agents make as the weather gets a little warmer, and summer sets in, is to take a vacation from their real estate business.
    I DON'T mean a hard-earned and planned summer vacation -- all of you should DEFINITELY take one or ...
  • My Company's Brand or My Brand, Which Should I Use?

    There's a formula to staying top-of-mind among your prospects and marketers world-wide have long capitalized on it to great success - so why aren't you doing the same?
  • Open Houses: Your Time to Shine When Presenting Features & Benefits

    What? Did you say waste of time? Well, let's change that! An open house should never be a "waste of time."
  • Do You Make These 3 Mistakes in Your Follow Up Calls?

    When talking recently with some of my coaching members, I reflected on 3 follow up mistakes that I was guilty of, all in one week, that I thought they could benefit from. These may seem obvious to some of you, but I felt they were important to share so...
  • Craigslist Rip-Off Report?

    I must get at least one email a week where someone informs me that they saw a program teaching how to generate leads with Craigslist in a “Rip-Off Report” online, and they want to know if it's true...
  • 3 High Quality Strategies Most Agents Aren't Using

    We hear so much talk in our business of getting more sales and more commissions. What this talk is really all about is getting more leads. Getting more leads (or, more specifically, getting more high quality leads) on a consistent basis is the KEY to get...  more
  • How To Get In Craigslist's Top 100

    One of the keys to successfully advertising on Craigslist is getting in – and, more importantly, staying in – Craigslist's “top 100.”
    Is Craigslist going around giving out “top 100” awards like gold statues at an awards ceremony? Is this some kind of p...  more
  • Online Real Estate Auctions - When to Dive and When to Skip

    Online real estate auction is emerging as the next power tool in real estate marketing and sales. 58 billion in sales in 2011 and projections by NAR that one out of every five transactions will be in auction by 2014-15 sets the tone for the years to co...
  • Leaders and Laggers - How Industry Pioneers are Using Online Real Estate Auctions to Distance Themselves

    Highly successful real estate professionals will tell you that one of their secrets is constantly seeking better, faster and cheaper ways to do things.
    When the Internet came about, the pioneers got onto email before everyone else. Eventually, the sam...
  • Beware! The Big Bad Craigslist Scam Is A Comin'

    Beware . . . There is danger all over Craigslist. I swear.
    At least, that is what I should believe according to an email I received from one of my coaching students.