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  • Mastery: The Key To Success in Anything!

    Through-out the three phases of every real estate business there are topics where an agents' mastery is what really sets apart a great, successful agent from an average one.
  • Checking in with Your 2013 Goals

    July has come - perhaps by the time you read this it has already gone too! Have you taken the pulse of your business? Are you on track to keeping your business goals? It's time to step back and evaluate.
  • Part II - Bulletproof Strategies to Get You Inspired and in Action on Your Dreams Now

    Link to Part I
    Being inspired and acting on their dreams is foreign to some real estate professionals.  Today, I continue with Part II of Get Inspired Now! covering the second strategy that will get you inspired and ready to act.Strategy #2Counti...
  • Get Inspired Now! Bulletproof Strategies to Get You Inspired and in Action on Your Dreams Now, Part I

    Many realtors today are not inspired and in action on their dreams.  Many realtors, brokers and people in the mortgage industry today feel stuck, frustrated and powerless when it comes to manifesting their dreams.  Have you ever heard yoursel...
  • The Power of Feedback

    If you're not getting regular feedback about your performance, you're missing the boat. We often overlook the value of a second opinion. As real estate agents, especially when it comes to presenting, receiving feedback can really help you communicate your...  more
  • Five Ways to Transform Yourself in 2012

    At this time each year, many of us focus on setting goals for the year to come. This is a habit that I recommend highly, but only if you make sure that your goals are realistic. Don’t overwhelm yourself by aiming for drastic changes that will be ...
  • Positioning Yourself to Win

    One of our focuses this year is sharing ideas on how to build your sphere of influence and grow your business, I turned to my good friend and amazing success coach Roberta Ross for her insights on the subject. Fresh off her recent real estate ‘boot camp’...  more
  • Ready, Set, Succeed!

    Have a plan. Listings and sales don’t just walk in the front door these days. You need to decide how much business you want to do and develop a plan to go and get that much and more.