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  • The Changing Face of Real Estate: Lifestyle Housing

    Today we are seeing an increasing number of people who are not moving because they need to, but because their preferred lifestyle is what leading them to it. Here's the scoop on what that means for the real estate agent and how you can help your clients t...  more
  • Need to Be Able to Say "NO" to Bad Business

    I have the privilege of coaching some great agents.  They have enough business so that they can effortlessly say “no” to business that they believe has a small chance of closing. 
    You are in a contingency business.  Your inc...
  • The Property Purchase Analysis: A Smart Assessment Tool for Homebuyers

    Help your buyers become smart buyers. The Property Purchase Analysis is a great tool for showing buyers how the home they are seeking to buy has grown in value over the years and how that fits into current market activity.
  • Automatic Listing Information: To Send or Not to Send, That is the Question!

    When you set up your client with an automatic listing information service, is that really customer service or could you be turning them away?
  • 2014 Business Planning: Providing Stellar Service to Past Clients

    This week we're taking a closer look at two great ways to increase your existing client and referral business - the Annual Client Review and Client Appreciation Events. Wow your clients with some incredible follow-up this year and kick-off your 2014 busin...  more
  • WHAT IF? Essential Words to Use when Pre-Qualifying a Buyer

    Are you pre-qualifying your buyers before they get in your car? You should. Otherwise, you could be wasting everyone's time, including your own.
  • WHAT IF? Essential Words When Working With Buyers to Write an Offer

    Your client has decided they want to make an offer, but are they informed enough about what could happen next? It's time to ask, "What if?"
  • Inspection Challenges in Court

    A seller's nightmare affirms the value of inspections and contracts.
  • Keeping Morale Up in a Frenzied Multiple Offer Market

    When a buyer fails to win the home they made an offer upon it is, without a doubt, a disappointing experience? In a busy market like today's, it can be especially frustrating, but there's no time for moping about. Tips for you to help keep things going an...  more
  • Inventory: Finding the Needle in the Haystack!

    If you've been around long enough then you know, every market has its own challenges. Not so long ago we were scratching our heads and saying "where are the buyers?" Now we ask, "where are the sellers?" Here are some tips to help you take advantage of thi...  more