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  • You Haven't Sold Any Homes In Our Area

    You're on a listing appointment and you get that famous objection, what do you say?  Here are a couple of answers from our objection handler book, Now What Do I Say? that you could use:
    1.  I understand your concern.  And while I haven'...
  • 15 Things To Give Up If You Want To Be Happy

    A fellow coach shared this with me and it really resonated, thought I would share it with you...
    15 Things To Give Up If You Want To Be Happy
    1.  Give up your need to always be right2.  Give up your need for control3.  Give up on blame...
  • Handling Objections

    If you've ever been faced with questions or objections you couldn't answer or wished you had a better answer for please read this article on how to handle objections
  • Realtor Crimes

    While the rest of us take our profession seriously, you continue to sit and wait for the easy mark—a client who you “mug” with false promises and hope, which soon will be dashed. And the rest of us become your victims, as the few people you manage to snag...  more
  • Educate Your Clients On Today's Market

    Some say Realtors will be obsolete before long and I largely disagree. I think our customers and clients need us now more than ever before and we've got to answer that call.