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  • Did You Miss It?

    Did you miss your business planning call?  If you did here’s a glimpse of what we talked about in regard to planning for next year:
    Let’s make 2013 YOUR year! 
    Why and how could it be the best year you’ve ever had? Simply ...
  • Expired Listings

    Just reading the words makes some of you nervous on various levels I'm sure.  Both having a listing expire yourself, and thinking about calling on an expired listing.
    I have built my business by calling and mailing to expired and FSBO listings.&n...
  • Are You Afraid?

    Fear is such a powerful thing.  Yet, it's really not a thing.  It's something that's made up. In many cases our fears are made up based on something that happened in our past.  Our minds will do some really crazy things to try and make s...
  • This Might Make You Mad?

    Who can you call or visit today to create more business for yourself? Or do prefer to sit and hope and pray someone comes to you? Floor duty maybe, where you hope the phone will ring you and you'll get that buyer call of someone that wants to see a hou...
  • A Buyer Call?

    When a buyer calls to inquire about a property you have for sale, they want to get the information, get it quickly, and be left alone.  You have literally only seconds to capture their attention and gain instant rapport with them.
    If you don't co...
  • A DIFFERENCE In Communicating

    One of the most important things we do in real estate is communicate.  Learning to powerfully and skillfully communicate is priceless in this business.   I have studied, practiced, taught, and coached agents for the last 18 ye...
  • The Secret to Selling over 100 Homes A Year

    I thought about what it really is that enables me to be able to sell an average of 110 homes year after year, and realized it's nothing really extraordinary, and nothing that anyone can't do if they want to. In the end I kept coming back to one word, consistency.
  • How To Get More Business

    In this article I will talk more about the challenges Realtors face as mentioned in my previous article where I promised to share my experiences and those of the agents I've coached across the United States of what has worked for us in challenging...
  • What I've Learned From Surviving This Market

    So as the market seems to be finally improving in my area, I found myself reflecting on what I've learned through the experience and want to share it with you.
    Despite the market I ended up selling 50 homes last year, 48 the year before, and 65 the previo...  more
  • Something for You to Provide to Potential Sellers

    Covering all the bases up front with your potential selling clients can save a lot of headaches down the road. I'd like to share with you what I provide my clients in the hopes it will help provide you and your clients with a solid understanding of what t...  more