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  • Treat 'Em Like A Mugger And They'll Love You!

    Julio's approach to dealing with his mugger actually is very much my approach to dealing with everyone -- and especially my approach to dealing with my clients (and potential clients).
  • Bill Gates Says They Are Frauds!

    I know most of you reading this don't have any issues about putting in the time, having the dedication or being a hard-worker. If you don't have a successful system in place for how get great results consistently, though, it is difficult to hold yourself...  more
  • Do You Really Use Those Crazy Headlines?!

    "Vince, Do you REALLY use those crazy headlines?!" 
    This was the first sentence of an actual email I recently received.  It was from someone who had just received a copy of my Craigslist "swipe file" and had seen what kind of headlin...
  • Steve Jobs = Higher Commissions

    It is about pursuing your success with absolute drive and focus, and without ever caring what others say about you or what you are doing to get there. Let's take one example with Steve Jobs.