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  • Mastery: The Key To Success in Anything!

    Through-out the three phases of every real estate business there are topics where an agents' mastery is what really sets apart a great, successful agent from an average one.
  • The Property Purchase Analysis: A Smart Assessment Tool for Homebuyers

    Help your buyers become smart buyers. The Property Purchase Analysis is a great tool for showing buyers how the home they are seeking to buy has grown in value over the years and how that fits into current market activity.
  • Automatic Listing Information: To Send or Not to Send, That is the Question!

    When you set up your client with an automatic listing information service, is that really customer service or could you be turning them away?
  • 2014 Business Planning: Providing Stellar Service to Past Clients

    This week we're taking a closer look at two great ways to increase your existing client and referral business - the Annual Client Review and Client Appreciation Events. Wow your clients with some incredible follow-up this year and kick-off your 2014 busin...  more
  • 2014 Business Planning: Increasing Your Referral Base

    December is here. Time to reflect on the business you've done this year and ask yourself a question - what can I do to turn the business I did into new business? Your database is your goldmine, read on and I'll tell you why.
  • WHAT IF? Essential Words When Working With Buyers to Write an Offer

    Your client has decided they want to make an offer, but are they informed enough about what could happen next? It's time to ask, "What if?"
  • Expectations: Managing Them is Essential

    A tale of expectations unmet and exceeded - and how you, the real estate agent, stand to critically benefit by setting and managing expectations well.
  • Damsels in Distress

    Great customer service can be hard to find, so we like to call attention to it when we experience it. It's a great reminder of the memorable impact good service makes and the loyalty it can win.
  • The Essentials of Working in a Faster Market

    There has been a definite shift in real estate markets across the country. And with those shifts there is a need for agents to adjust how they operate their business so they don't get left behind. Don't forget these three key activities that put treasure ...  more
  • What is a Client Review and Why You Should Be Doing Them Annually

    Curious about what an annual client review is and how it gives you the opportunity to position yourself as a market expert AND reconnect with clients in a natural way? Have you heard about annual client reviews, but have concerns about the effort or infor...  more