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  • The Teeter-Totter Approach to Selling

    Most people lean either towards relationship skills or closing skills. Although it's a balancing act, it's possible to do both well, if you work at it. Where do you excel?
  • The Secret to Getting More Referrals

    Some say, "If you want a referral, you've got to ask for it." Is that really so? I offer you another way. Read on for my secret to getting more referrals.
  • Reduce Your Effort and Attract Sales Effortlessly: Part IV

    Link to Part III
    When you, as a real estate professional, begin viewing the sales situation from the eyes of your client’s and prospect’s perspective, your point of view changes and your chances of success increases.Ask yourself questions ...
  • Reduce Your Effort and Attract Sales Effortlessly: Part III

    In both Part I and II, we discussed the importance for real estate professionals to put the focus of the sales process on the customer or prospect.  Today we look at the difference it can make.The Difference That Makes the DifferenceContribution i...
  • Reduce Your Effort and Attract Sales Effortlessly: Part II

    Link to Part I
    In Part II of this four-part series, we continue our discussion of the need for showing a sense of caring toward your real estate client. My best friend John is a salesperson.  He’s incredibly powerful, but he doesn’t a...
  • Reduce Your Effort and Attract Sales Effortlessly: Part I

    Being an effective real estate salesperson requires no extraordinary effort.  Effective sales people work much less than conventional “Forceful Salespeople” by becoming aware of the impact they have on potential clients.  As you r...
  • Pricing in the Land of No Comps

    Part two in our pricing series. How do you price a home when there are no comparable properties on the recent market? I've got five other ways to share with you today that you can use to arrive at the right home price. Read on!
  • Five Ways to Transform Yourself in 2012

    At this time each year, many of us focus on setting goals for the year to come. This is a habit that I recommend highly, but only if you make sure that your goals are realistic. Don’t overwhelm yourself by aiming for drastic changes that will be ...
  • Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success

    You have the ability to incorporate into your life these seven decisions that will determine your personal success. Here are very brief excerpts of each decision; I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.