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  • The Big Mistake Agents Make When the Weather Gets Warmer

    One of the BIGGEST MISTAKES agents make as the weather gets a little warmer, and summer sets in, is to take a vacation from their real estate business.
    I DON'T mean a hard-earned and planned summer vacation -- all of you should DEFINITELY take one or ...
  • Don't Assume You Know Who Your Prospect Is

    If we really look into this mistake, it becomes clear why agents miss out on so much business.
  • Need to Be Able to Say "NO" to Bad Business

    I have the privilege of coaching some great agents.  They have enough business so that they can effortlessly say “no” to business that they believe has a small chance of closing. 
    You are in a contingency business.  Your inc...
  • Lets Make The Last Quarter The Best Quarter!

    Seriously, lets get back together and work to make this last quarter our very best quarter of this year.  And when we do that we will automatically set ourselves and our business up for a great first quarter of next year in the process.
    I have de...
  • They Say We Are In The Happiest Profession

    Wanted to share something From Forbes Magazine, please see below copied and pasted from a recent survey.  They say we are in the happiest profession and times are a looking good :)
    The happiest employees of all aren’t kindergarten teachers ...
  • Are You Happy With Your Life, Business, And Relationships?

    A great friend of mine shared the article I've posted below and I immediately thought of you and wanted to share it. 
    In order to truly be successful at anything we have to strive to find the happiness within ourselves.  I am working with my...
  • Are You Really A Co-operating Agent?

    We all know that co-operating broker means that two agents and sometimes two companies are involved in the transaction.  But are you co-operating in a business sense or are you truly co-operating with your fellow agent?
    My intention in this artic...
  • Not Sure What To Name This One

    I am always thinking and brainstorming things I can share with you on here that will actually make a difference in your business by using my own experience in the business and from the agents that I currently coach.
    I have two Realtors right now that ...
  • Which One Are You Wearing?

    We all have so many different ones that we have to wear even in a single day. We are moms, dads, significant others, Realtors, sisters, brothers, children, coaches, cleaners, and the list could go on.
    Which hat are you wearing at any given time? Might...
  • You Haven't Sold Any Homes In Our Area

    You're on a listing appointment and you get that famous objection, what do you say?  Here are a couple of answers from our objection handler book, Now What Do I Say? that you could use:
    1.  I understand your concern.  And while I haven'...