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  • How to Not Annoy Your Neighbour on Your Next Flight

    You’re on an airplane heading to Toronto for a business meeting. The kid behind you has been kicking the back of your seat since takeoff. Your neighbour has her leg resting against yours; her purse wedged in the tiny gap between your seats; and i...
  • Smoking Etiquette: Celebrate Courteously in the Spirit of Giving

    As more and more cities enforce non-smoking by-laws, it is getting more and more difficult for a cigarette smoker to find a place to light up. Yes, smoking has become a dirty word in Canada, the US and in many other countries. And as increasingly more ...
  • What is Civility?

    In the workshop it was explained that Civility- is a code of conduct based on the principles of restraint, respect and responsibility. It’s about doing something because it is the right thing to do.