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  • Why not Be Unique, Authentic and MEMORABLE!

    What does it mean to have a brand - and a memorable one at that? I'd like to share with you want a difference it has made to me as an agent and what an impact it has made in the lives of other professionals.
  • Craigslist Rip-Off Report?

    I must get at least one email a week where someone informs me that they saw a program teaching how to generate leads with Craigslist in a “Rip-Off Report” online, and they want to know if it's true...
  • 3 High Quality Strategies Most Agents Aren't Using

    We hear so much talk in our business of getting more sales and more commissions. What this talk is really all about is getting more leads. Getting more leads (or, more specifically, getting more high quality leads) on a consistent basis is the KEY to get...  more
  • How To Get In Craigslist's Top 100

    One of the keys to successfully advertising on Craigslist is getting in – and, more importantly, staying in – Craigslist's “top 100.”
    Is Craigslist going around giving out “top 100” awards like gold statues at an awards ceremony? Is this some kind of p...  more
  • Beware! The Big Bad Craigslist Scam Is A Comin'

    Beware . . . There is danger all over Craigslist. I swear.
    At least, that is what I should believe according to an email I received from one of my coaching students.
  • Why You Don’t Get Any Referrals

    I am almost positive that in your clients and prospects minds the same thing is happening. They think you are no different that almost every other agent out there. Is your marketing proving to them that you are the best?
  • You’re No Different Than Every Other Agent

    If you niche yourself you will do tremendously more business then if you are trying to chase and capture every piece of the pie. You want to focus on just a specific slice of the pie. Trust me you will be so busy you won’t want or need the other business.
  • Busted By The Cops For Using Craigslist To Sell Real Estate?

    If you have heard that you can't generate great leads and make lots of money from using Craigslist in your business, don't believe it. There are some KEY REASONS why Craigslist will not work for you (or anyone for that matter). So, avoid these five "Crai...  more
  • 5 Reasons Your Craigslist Ads Will Bomb Every Time

    If you have tried Craigslist without success, I know that it is because of how you used it and the kind of ads you ran. In fact, there are five common reasons that a Craigslist ad will fail. Do any of these things, and I can almost guarantee your ad will bomb...
  • Polly Want a ... Chicken???

    If you’re a real estate agent, please stop sending information on changing batteries … or details of heart-healthy diets. Instead, do a little research on your local MLS. Pull statistics about what is really happening in your market – not what the media...  more