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  • Thursday's Are for Buyers

    If you build some of these steps into your daily or weekly follow up routine, you should be able to keep track of these prospects for a longer time and eventually they should buy something.
  • Ready, Set, Succeed!

    Have a plan. Listings and sales don’t just walk in the front door these days. You need to decide how much business you want to do and develop a plan to go and get that much and more.
  • Walking Your Sale Through

    More and more sellers are going to be on the market with little or no equity, some even completely upside down. The challenge is how to protect them and get their transaction all the way to settlement without it falling apart.
  • The Simplest Technique I Know

    The simplest technique I know has also been the most important one to my success over the years. Sometimes I forget it though; it’s like ‘can’t see the forest for the trees…’ kind of simple...
  • For the OCD Sufferers Among Us

    What small thing can you do today, not next Monday, to put you in front of someone and talk about Real Estate. If you’re drawing a blank try this...
  • Get Creative to Get Going This Year

    I’ve always believed activity breeds more activity, so maybe creativity breeds more creativity. If you want to give your business a boost to a new level this year, try being creative or even crazy.