Family Game Night

  • I'm a Tampa Real Estate agent, and there's only so much i can write about real estate before the reader falls asleep.  Let's try something different.  How long has it been since you dusted off the board games or hooked up the gaming system at your home and maybe it’s time your should.


    You spent a great of time combing through home after home in too many neighborhoods to count to find your house. You finally found the place you want to call home and now it’s time to have some fun in it.


    If you have children they might be familiar with a popular television show they watch on The Hub named “Family Game Night.”


    It features two families, each with a mom and dad and two children competing in a variety of old-fashioned board games with a modern day twist and oh yes, they are life-sized. Board game favorites like Connect Four, Operation and Scrabble, among others, are brought to life on a grand scale.


    The show is a barrel of fun but you can do more than watch it. You can have your own Family Game Night in your very own home.


    Christopher Byrne, The Toy Guy®

    gives these instructions on how to achieve your own game night at home in the following steps.


    The first step is making sure it’s held at the same time and day each week. Making sure nothing impedes on this time sends the message that it’s important to the family members. It also gives everyone something to look forward to during the week.


    Next you want to include only family members. You can invite friends and neighbors to other gaming events but on Family Game Night, that’s just it, it’s just for family.


    Remember you don’t want any interruptions, that means letting the telephone and cell phones go to voice mails. Some people prefer Friday or Saturday nights to hold the event but if a scheduling problem arises and if it must be done on a weekday, encourage children to get homework done early so they can participate in the games.


    Take into consideration the ages and abilities of children when selecting the games. Mix up the games you play, all family members should be able to play with parents assisting younger children.


    Many games have teaching components, counting, patterns and other techniques can be emphasized, as well as the importance of being a good sport, taking turns and using good manners. These skills can be taught – all while having a good time and playing.


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  • Sheila Crowner
    Sheila Crowner We have family night every Sunday. I do an Open House, my husband prepares supper and I come home to good food, wonderful family and lots of fun! PERFECT start to the week.
    February 1, 2012