Real Estate Agents Getting Buyers Leads from iTunes Store

  • Apple, iTunes and Android Stores Help Generate Real Estate
    Leads and Sales for Agents with Free Real Estate App Advertising

    With over 300 million iPhone Users and 500 million Android
    phone users in the world it is no wonder that millions of
    people are daily looking for "real estate apps" to make the
    search for a new home easier.

    With almost 0 agents in most markets offering iPhone and
    Android app uploads in iTunes real estate agents using the
    new technology and connecting with Smart Phone users
    are finding that getting uploads is easy when you are
    the only or one of the only apps in town.


    Real Estate Agent Apps in iTunes help bring in free uploads and clients


    I spoke with a real estate agent in Sarasota yesterday who noticed that in his area there was only one app being offered by a real estate agent in the iTunes store so he went and loaded it up and then later called me to ask "How did you get that agent in the iTunes Store with an app?"

    The process is actually quite easy and simple to do but the fact is that right now there are over 300 million iPhone users who love using "apps" for helping them get things done. Looking for homes to buy is much easier on a Smart Phone when you can navigate and search neighborhoods while you drive through them.

    It brings up a good point and a real change in technology because normally maps on a PC are more for show that actual function but real estate maps on an app are more for function and less for show since the maps can be used in the field.

    Having a "real estate app" is going to be just like having a website is now except way more important as we move forward because there is not as much room to market apps like there is domain names since the choices are fewer.

    I have clients in Chattanooga Tennessee who have gotten 50 app uploads in the first 6 weeks just because they are the only local real estate app in the iTunes Store. 
    Apps and mobile friendly real estate search is a must for agents in 2012 and beyond.

    The fact is that right now I am setting up some of the first agents in their respective markets in the country with some of the first iPhone and Android apps available on the iTunes and Android Stores.


    The good news is that apps themselves are rather inexpensive to build and own starting at around $400 and up and right now the majority of real estate buyers and sellers are on Smart Phones and now one is marketing to them.

    By getting an app in iTunes you can begin to be one of the agents getting free leads and uploads simply by being one of the only apps available.

    If you need help setting up an app please feel free to call or email for more information.
    Best wishes to your success!

    Sean Callahan


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