How Do People Find my Real Estate App?

  • How Do People Find My Real Estate App?

    I get a lot of questions about "how do people find my
    real estate app" and there are a host of ways although
    one easy way is by having the app listed in the iTunes and
    Android Store so when people look to find apps for their
    phones you are listed in there.

    It is easy to get apps to rank in Google right now because
    there are opnly a handful out there and most "app building
    companies" do not write press releases and promote the app
    in Google so that is another easy way to get your app uploaded.

    Getting QR Codes on anything and everything that has a web address
    and phone number is also a big way to get uploads. Dropping QR Codes
    in Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, eMail signature, print ads, business cards
    sign riders etc...

    How Many Agents Have Real Estate Apps?
    Very few - since there are over 4,000 real estate agents in
    San Diego County having 10 or less people to compete with
    is an easy choice.

    Android Apps for "San Diego Real Estate" - less than 10 and only a handful of good ones -

    Take a look for yourself and see how few agents have apps
    even though over 70% of consumers use Smart Phones to
    make purchases and growing.

    Now is the time to get an app into the market place and
    get a leap on your competition and a head start with
    a good app name. Every agent will have an app just like
    they have a website. Once you figure that out and take
    action you will be ahead of the game. Consumers are using
    Smart Phones more than PC's to look at homes so this is
    happening NOW and not "next year".

    Right now agents have a 6 to 10 month window to get apps
    built and marketed before the rest figure this out and start
    a massive app building and buying frenzy.

    I can build an app and have it in iTunes and in the Android Store
    and throw in local info and resources so clients want to keep
    the app.


    San Diego real estate app

    Here is my latest app at the Android Store I just did for a Mortgage
    Lender and a Real Estate Agent who teamed up to pay the $500


    Best Wishes to your success!

    Sean Callahan

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