How to Use Twitter Lists to Acquire Clients

  • One of the greatest aspects of social media is that it allowed a more "transparent" business-customer relationship. Thanks to the web 2.0, you can easily "eavesdrop" on your target market and present your services to them on a silver platter!

    When it comes to the Real Estate market in particular, social media represents a gold mine for finding clients. However, according to a recent study, 75% of the surveyed realtors were active on social media but only 1% of them managed to acquire new clients using it. This unfortunate number is due to the lack of a solid social media strategy in most cases.
    In this article, I will discuss 3 ways you can leverage Twitter lists intelligently in order to acquire more clients.

    What Are Twitter Lists
    - You do NOT have to follow people you include in your list
    - You can create any number of public lists (visible to everyone) or private lists for own usage
    - People can access and follow your public lists
    - If you are new to Twitter lists, click here to watch a video tutorial.
                   3 Ways Twitter Lists Can Help You Get More Customers
    1. Create Good Search Engine Friendly Public Lists Names
    Let's say you are based in Tucson, Arizona. You can create a public list with the keyword "Tucson" in it. The more interesting your list name is, the more people will follow it. In addition, people searching for Tucson using search engines can easily find your list.
    You can create as many public lists as you wish. Try to make your public list name generic so it would appeal to a wide range of people. For example, you can create a list of Tucson's major attractions. In this case a good list name would be "Tucson attractions guide".

    It is always recommended to use descriptive list names. Also, Twitter lists have unique URLs that you can use in your blog, Facebook page and so forth.

    2. Use Public Twitter Lists To Attract Your Target Clients Take some time to reflect on the kind of information your typical clients will looking for. Then, create public lists that make this information readily available to them.

    For example, before a family decides to buy a house in a certain neighborhood, they would want to know of the schools available in the area. Be proactive and create a Twitter list of schools in your area and give it a descriptive name. This way, you can easily grab your potential clients' attention.

    3. Use Private Twitter Lists To "Spy" On Your Competition And Filter Twitter "noise" Private Twitter lists are only accessible by you and as I said earlier, you don't need to follow or be followed by the people included in your private lists. These lists are ideal for competitive intelligence as you can easily find out what your key competition are up to without them realizing it!

    On the other hand, you can use private lists to check out Twitter streams of your key contacts. Let's say you met a potential client in a networking event. You can create a private list to closely follow his Twitter conversations so you can offer your services when the time is right.

    I barely touched the surface here! Twitter is loaded with great features that can help you attract more clients. I will be detailing some of these features in future articles. In addition, I will cover how real estate professionals can make the most out of Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, you name it! Stay tuned for that!

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