25 Twitter Do's and Don'ts for Smart Real Estate Professionals

  • Twitter can be a great marketing channel for Realtors if they take into account the following "Do's" and "Don'ts".

    Twitter Profile "Do's" and "Don'ts":


    Do: Highlight your Real Estate expertise and any relevant training or certificates in your Twitter bio.


    Do: As a Realtor, your service location must be specified.


    Do: Include a link to your website/blog


    Do: Your bio must be search engine friendly by including keywords that are relevant to your target market.


    Do: Include a clear picture of yourself to boost your credibility and trust.


    Do NOT:  Over-sell in your bio. At social media, people hate to be sold, In addition, to including business keywords in your bio, make sure to share some interesting facts about yourself such as your hobbies, pet name…etc.


    Do NOT:  Include shortened links in your profile as these can make people suspicious. If your website link is too long for the allowed number of characters, consider including it inside your bio.

    Twitter Updates "Do's" and "Don'ts":


    Do: Tweet frequently. (5+ tweets per day is fine)


    Do: Diversify your tweets. On Twitter, it's perfectly ok to mix business with pleasure.


    Do: Share information that your target market will be interested in.


    Do:  Include keywords in your tweets.


    Do: Create compelling updates that link back to your website/blog.


    Do NOT: Use Twitter updates ONLY to "broadcast" your listings.


    Do NOT: Aggressively sell your services to potential clients on Twitter. Instead, offer genuine help to earn their trust.

    Twitter Following "Do's" and "Don'ts"


    Do NOT: Follow "suspicious" profiles that have no picture, website or meaningful names.


    Do NOT: Follow everyone who follows you!  Choose only the right people for your business.

    Twitter Automation "Do's" and "Don'ts":


    Do: Use Twitter monitoring tools to search for potential clients. For example, if you are Tucson, Arizona based Realtor, you can setup a Twitter automation tool (such as HootSuite) to auto-notify you about Tweets including "moving" and "Tucson". This simple step allows you to easily spot potential clients.


    Do: Use automation tools to preschedule your updates to be published at specific times. This way, you will ensure being visible to your network even when you are not online.


    Do NOT: Automate following everyone who follows you! You need to "cherry pick" your followers based on how relevant they are to your Twitter marketing goals


    Do NOT: Automate sending direct messages to your new followers because people can tell it's an automatic message and this takes away the humanely and friendly nature of social media.

    Twitter Time Management "Do's" and "Don'ts":


    Do: Schedule the time you spend on Twitter ahead of time and stick to it!


    Do: Follow public Twitter lists created by influential people in your industry as they will save you substantial time finding the right contacts. Also, you can find interesting information to share with your followers through other people's list.


    Do: Create private lists for key contacts (such as potential clients and competition) to filter

    Twitter updates and save time.


    Do NOT: Spend too much or too little time on Twitter


    Do NOT: Reply to every mention or every question you get and focus on conversations that are relevant to your Twitter marketing goals.  Although social media is about showing your "fun" side, you still need to prioritize according to your time and resources.


    These  "Do's" and "Don'ts" are essential  for your Twitter success. Put them into action and you will meet massive success. Good luck!